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The History of My Book

For any future readers of my upcoming book, I wanted to share some fun facts about the origin of this story:

It started out a HORRIBLE, immature idea in my tenth grade year of high school. I began writing during classes when I got bored. The original title of the book series was ‘Demon Hunter’ named after the metal band. The original plot was a huge knock off of storylines like Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 7 as well as other various games. I used my loved for RPGs to develop a terrible storyline and I practically stole all of my ideas. Well, as you can imagine, that story quickly got away from me and since I didn’t have my own ideas, I lost interest and that idea burned. Later on, I changed the name to ‘The Dawn of Darkness,’ but as I played with the story line, I got frustrated and gave up. Then I renamed it to ‘Guardian of the Dragons’ Stones’ and the same thing happened. Then I changed it to ‘War of the Last Remnant’ and decided upon the first book title: ‘The Alchemist’s Stone.’ Something about that title and the name of the series stuck with me and I went with it. By the end of writing the book, I loved both names.

Originally, I used terms such as ‘Angels’ and ‘Demons’ in the story and there was God and Satan also in the story. As per my brother’s advice, I was inspired to create new names for these characters. I always wanted it to be known that they were angels and demons and God and Satan but in a much more subtle way. I wanted it to be more fantastical to keep in line with the overall story. So I listened to my brother’s advice and created the race of angels called the Celebhas in my book. When the angels fell and followed after the Dark Lord Abaddon (aka Satan), they became demons, which in my book I named Draemhas. In the story, I gave the name Vaaspar to God which means ‘Giver of all things.’ The origin of this name came from pagan decent and does not directly relate to the God of the Bible. I must stress that I DID NOT name the God character this to be sacrilegious or dishonoring to the God of the Bible in any way.  Rather, I liked the sound of the name and the fact that it meant ‘Giver of all things,’ which I think is appropriate for the God of the Bible. And the name Abaddon I gave to Satan, as the name means ‘the Destroyer’ and is actually mentioned in the Bible.

These are just some examples of the inspiration for names in my book. Other things came about from different animes such as Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto and One Piece to name a few. Other than that, I was greatly inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the various other works of J.R.R Tolkein as also by the numerous video games I played growing up, such as the Final Fantasy Series, Breath of Fire, etc.

I know none of this is necessary to understand the story, but I thought some might like to hear some of my inspirations. Plus it may help you decide whether this book is for you or not before you go out and buy it. Thank you to all who are keeping up with my site and also to all who may buy my book in the near future. Always feel free to comment or ask questions! I won’t ruin any of the storyline, but you can always ask me about writing, etc.