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I’m looking to grow my fanbase for my book series, War of the Last Remnant. If you go to and click the “Subscribe to Email LIst” tab, then fill out the form and get all the emails regarding special offers and book updates. Thank you for supporting self-published authors like me!

Free Book give away (Memphis residents only)

I have 13 books I am looking to give away for FREE to residents of Memphis. The purpose of this is to grow my name as a new, self-published author and to encourage people to write reviews for my book. The book is 100% free, but I do ask that you write an honest review about it on Amazon after you read it.

Price Reduced! $2.99 Ebook!

My book, ‘The Alchemist’s Stone,’ is now only $2.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store! Download your copy today!

Paperback Book, 15% OFF!

If you like fantasy fiction and want to check out ‘The Alchemist’s Stone’ for a little cheaper, then go to the Createspace estore and enter this code for 15% off!


Discount Code: 9XDQE2NK

Please Share/Reblog!

I am trying to promote my book, which is free ALL WEEKEND! Please share this post and/or reblog so your friends/followers can see! I’m really trying to get my name out there, so any help is greatly appreciated!


Websites Promoting My Free Book Promotion!

I just wanted to give a shout out to these websites and say thank you for promoting my book!

‘The Alchemist’s Stone’ is free for the next 3 days on Amazon! These websites are helping me get my name out there:

1. Free eBooks Daily @

2. Indie House Books @

3.  Slashed Reads @

4. Goodreads @

5. BookGoodies @

6. eBook Lister @

7. Indie Book of the Day @

8.  Snickslists @

Other websites may host it on their page, but it simply depends on the high number of entries. Go and get your free copy today! 😀