About the Book Series

War of the Last Remnant is a fantasy story centered around Christian values and elements. Though the story is guided by a Christian mindset, it is also written as an engaging and entertaining storyline. The book is centered around a war being waged by the Dark Lord Abaddon against the kingdoms of Men. The first book of the series is entitled: The Alchemist’s Stone and follows Lord Edgar, the King of Bolteras and his people as they prepare for a war against the Draemhas, the Infernal Spirits of Dragoth, the minions of the Dark Lord.

The series is set in a medieval fantasy world where Magic, Dragons, and other mythical beings exist and fight with great power. It is ultimately a fantastical depiction of man’s struggle against sin and the temptation to do evil, and it focuses on the reality of a real enemy, that being the devil and his demons. The first book of the series takes place in Bolteras, one of the three kingdoms of the Western Lands of Gaia. But the warriors of Bolteras race against time to defeat their enemies in the West in order to send aid to the Eastern Lands.

More to be updated at a later time…

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