About the Author

My name is Joel Gillespie. I have been writing since I was a child, but my passion for it grew in my tenth grade year of high school. I was always a huge fan of video games, particularly RPGs, and I also loved fantasy stories. As I went in to college, I developed a liking for anime, which added to my influence in writing. Above all, you will come to see that my belief in the God of the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ is apparent in my writing.

I am the proud husband of my beautiful wife, Krystal, and the proud father of my amazing son Solomon. I live in Memphis, Tennessee and currently work as a bank Teller in Collierville. One day I hope to be a full time author and possibly start a small publishing company of my own. One way or another, I will use my gift that God has given me to His glory.

I look forward to getting my story out there and hope others will enjoy reading it. If anyone has any questions regarding my work or my beliefs, you may contact me at jcgllspe@gmail.com.

I have two other blogs (one a devotional and the other my testimony story) which can be found at Devotionals by Joel and Redeemed By Christ. Or find it at the top the page!

Feel free to check out my other blogs and share your thoughts/opinions. I welcome questions and debates about my beliefs, but please no arguing! 🙂

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